Know more about Gold Jewelry Buyers

Since the manufacturing and release of gold bullions in the United States in 1985, there has been a large demand in the acquisition of such coins in and outside the country. Gold coin prices can range from $145 for the $5 American Gold Eagle coin to as much as $1470++ for the $50 gold coin. This is the reason for the expensive price of each coin is because of the purity of each and every coin.

Gold coin prices for foreign countries have pretty much the same value with the American Gold Eagle coin. Canada has their Gold Maple Leaf series and Switzerland has the Krugerrand gold equivalent. Like their American bullion counterpart, they are also sold internationally. Learn more at theĀ gold jewelry buyers.

A gold coin far exceeds the price of silver bullions because there is a high demand in gold but rather a scarce supply of it. It is considered as a wise investment for companies which sell and buy goods on a multi-national scale. There are also a handful of rich and affluent families who have their wealth preserves in gold bullions. These people store them in vaults of banks. These coins can be counted as part of their assets when converted to the usual dollar currency.

The price of gold is dependent on its fineness and its grading. The purer the gold’s concentration is in a given coin, the finer it will be. The standard concentration of a normal coin is at.9167 and a $50 coin with this type of fineness can have a starting price of $1200. Canada releases some series in recent years which had.9999 gold concentration. These are the usual 22 karat gold coins. There is no such thing as a 100% gold coin. The plausibility of which is very low. No technology is known to produce pure-gold-coins because of the high likelihood that the material turning into liquid once melted and shaped into a coin.

There is also a grading system which determines gold coin prices. The Sheldon grading system has been a standard for most coin bullions and gold bars of different countries. Coin investment can be categorized as “gem uncirculated” which means it doesn’t have any marks and is minted from special facility which ensures the production of such coins are of the highest standard and you hardly find any apparent scratches or dents. If you are a coin collector, it would be a good idea to keep them for more years, since its value appreciates over a span of time.