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The stogy Murphy bed has now become a stylish staple of the multi-purpose room these days. With empty nesters or locations with high visitor counts (can you say FL in the winter?), making use of the extra rooms for things other than dusty collections of furniture only makes sense! Murphy Beds were originally devised and patented in 1916 by William Murphy as a space saver for small rooms.┬áVisit murphy bed store for more details. As homes, hotels and even military locations were working on European standards, rooms were made smaller which allowed for higher densities. In actuality, it made for cramped spaces and thus the beginning of the “multi-purpose” room. The Murphy bed as we know it usually is part of a larger wall system that incorporates shelving, drawers, full cabinets and sometimes televisions or entertainment centers. Needing a minimum of 16″ depth to allow for a standard 10.5″ high mattress, a custom closet or Murphy bed professional can devise substantial storage options if additional wall space is available.

The beds are sized based upon the single, double, queen and king size mattresses that can be bought at any bedding store. Mattress height is key and you should consult with your Murphy bed provider for their exact specifications. There are several options that could affect the allowable mattress height, such as spring tension and side panel materials, so do not stray from the specs. The beauty of the Murphy bed is that it frees up so much space once closed. I have several clients that use the room as a workout space, home office and library when the bed is not in use. By adding drawers, shelves and possibly a clothes hamper, one could eliminate most of the furniture in what is likely a small room to begin with. If the side cabinets are 24″ deep, you could have your clothes stored behind doors. That would allow whatever closet space there is to be converted into something used daily such as entertainment center or home office. Murphy bed systems are also stylish with a wide array of finishes and colors. Most providers will come close to, if not match, existing furniture. We’ve installed dark cherry, white, maple and a few in-between colors to the customer’s delight!